Tunisia Presidential Inauguration

The El Bahira Lake is the chosen location for a first event of its kind.
The fireworks was set up on the Lake El Bahira and was for its wideness and importance the biggest one ever performed in this African State. The show “Fire emotions” was based on a sound track specifically studied for this occasion and mainly consisting of local music, as an expression of the Tunisian culture and landscapes. The firing front consisted of 40 firing sites and covered a sight front of 2 km. The show was particularly strong for its whole duration and was characterized by the use of colours and effects reminding the national colours. The entire show was telecasted live by the State television and was attended live by over 200.000 spectators.

Art Director
Governo Repubblica Tunisina
Antonio Parente
Pyro Designer
Technical Director
Fabio Pavanetto
Claudio Parente

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