Opening and Closing Cerimonies of the XVI Mediterranean Games

A big show for the opening of the Games and celebrate the revival of Abruzzo.
The big show performed by K-events had to celebrate both the opening of the Mediterranean Games and the new birth of Abruzzo after the terrible earthquake occurred in that region. It was a rather complicated display with many special effects and pyrotechnic choreographies. The show started with flame effects combined with an exhibition of percussion player and flags waving. The flames also accompanied the choreographies of the medal winner Fabrizia D’Ottavio during her performance to celebrate the Games.
The pyrotechnic performance consisted of two main parts: the first one, at the end of the mass choreography inspired by the sea, consisting of some silver and blue scenes as background to the building up of the Games sign. The second part was the closure of the event and was characterized by golden and silver sequences embracing the whole stadium and all the spectators with a very exciting and powerful ending.

Art Director
Pescara – Italia
Marco Balich
Pyro Designer
Project Manager
Antonio Parente
Fabio Pavanetto

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