Münchner Sommernachtstraum 2009-2010-2011-2012

EXTREME - the show of superlatives
It is a very strong show, deeply moving but at the same time easy and suitable for a very heterogeneous audience. The whole display is based on a series of contrasting feelings which are expressed in a “superlative” way, that is stressing the “extreme” sensations they arouse. Each scene expresses two opposing concepts: discordance/precision, slowness/speed, calm/energy. Each emotion is materialized by mixing pyrotechnic effects and natural fire in different and appropriate ways, together with powerful Space Cannons placed all around the small lake and a sound track specifically studied for this event.

EXTREME was performed at the Olympia Park in Munich as a closure of the event called “Münchner Sommernachtstraum” which was attended by over 70.000 spectators.

Pyro Designer
Monaco di Baviera – Germania
PRO EVENTS Veranstaltungs GmbH
Antonio Parente
Project Manager
Technical Director
Fabio Pavanetto
Claudio Parente - Andrea Barion

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