Festa do Apostolo

La Vida es Sentimento. 
In this project Santiago is seen as a platform on the world. Like the acropolis for the Athenians and the Forum for the Romans,  Santiago is in the common imagination a sort of tableland of the spirit, the high place of supervision. It represents the mountain of truth, a place that enables an overall view; on the other hand, the one  who has to guide, to reveal and to inspire must be a visionary. The project “La vida es sentimento” is actually based on the highest concept of vision. It is a multimedia travel through different emotions and feelings, a sort of journey where every feeling is materialized by means of pyrotechnic effects, fire columns and balls, poetry lines, colours, moving images, aphorisms and voices in the night. All this  performed in the very heart of the Galician town directly on the Cathedral, which has been declared UNESCO heritage.

Art Director
Santiago de Compostela – Spagna
Consorcio de Santiago
Antonio Parente - Marco Nereo Rotelli
Pyro Designer
Project Manager
Fabio Pavanetto
Davide Parente - Marco Zanella

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