Fête du Lac | L'énergie d'une étoile

A 360° show on the Annecy lake
"Annecy, l'énergie d'une étoile" is the name of the Show created by Parente Fireworks following the guideline of the theme "Annecy Ville des Alpes 2012" and designed for the 122nd edition of the "Fete du Lac" of Annecy.

A spectacular event, divided into five different acts in which music, fireworks, flames and light blend together to form a perfect fusion. Behind this effort there was the aim to guide the public through a symbolic path so that by means of the Feast and the Celebration the individuals could take the time to think about how to improve the future of the planet.

“Annecy: l'énergie d'une étoile" has been conceived to be a visual and emotional journey and for this very reason the whole location has been transformed into a scenic stage by using 62 pontoons placed in order to form a gigantic star at the centre of the lake. This permitted the thousands of people that were all around the lake to see the entire show at best throughout the seventy minutes of those dynamic, grand and ever-changing choreographies realized for the show.

An original and exciting soundtrack has been chosen to guide this one-time event through the principles of perspective and the movement effects, with astonishing results.

Annecy - Francia

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